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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cheap Stocks, 7/10/2009 Update--Vacation Week

Off this week.

Short update is that the markets continue their pullback and so do we.

Dow was down 1.6%, NASDAQ 2.25%, S+P 500 down 1.9%.

For the year the DOW is down 7.2%, NASDAQ is up 11.4% and the S+P is down 2.7%.

Wilshire and Russell 3000 are both down 1-2% for the year.

We had a crappy week too. AVSO.ob down from $.50 to $.32 contributed 3% of our 5.85% loss. Still up 16.2% for the year--but giving it back with this market swoon.

More next week.


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