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We focus on undervalued small-cap stocks. Usually with a large cash cushion. We have developed a valuation formula that has been highly successful, especially on small tech stocks. Since 2006, we have closed out 49 stock positions with an average gain of 37%. 9 stocks have been taken over.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Datalink (NASDAQ-DTLK)-BUY at $4.28
We are back to DTLK for the third time. We have had a 41% gain and a 25% gain on our prior visits with DTLK. Our current valuation of DTLK is $9.39 a share. With the stock closing at $4.28 yesterday the price to valuation ratio is 46%.
DTLK has $1.77 a share in cash--41% of its market cap. BUY.


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