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We focus on undervalued small-cap stocks. Usually with a large cash cushion. We have developed a valuation formula that has been highly successful, especially on small tech stocks. Since 2006, we have closed out 49 stock positions with an average gain of 37%. 9 stocks have been taken over.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Fall Purge 9/9/2012

With NASDAQ up 20% we are nervous and have decided to purge our portfolio a bit. We are taking some of our big long-term gains and some of our losses where we don't see any light at the end of the tunnel.


HPOL @ $1.23 for a 34% gain.

MEDW @ $14.75 for a 134% gain.

SPNC @ $12.29 for a 118% gain.

RWWI @ $.80 for a 1% gain.

LTUS @ $.04 for a 98% loss.

RIMG @ $6.75 for a 53% loss

AEZS @ $.53 for a 63% loss


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