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We focus on undervalued small-cap stocks. Usually with a large cash cushion. We have developed a valuation formula that has been highly successful, especially on small tech stocks. Since 2006, we have closed out 49 stock positions with an average gain of 37%. 9 stocks have been taken over.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Taking the plunge

This market has been relentlessly depressing. NASDAQ is down over 22% since October 31, 2007. But we can not stand it anymore. We are taking the 40% profit from the Optio takeover announced this week and putting an additional $10,000 into each of PDLI, BDAY and PARL. The adjusted average buy prices for these will be:


The reaction to the PDLI news this week that they are not selling the company was crazy in our opinion, but anything less that great news seems to warrant a 30% haircut in this market.


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