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We focus on undervalued small-cap stocks. Usually with a large cash cushion. We have developed a valuation formula that has been highly successful, especially on small tech stocks. Since 2006, we have closed out 49 stock positions with an average gain of 37%. 9 stocks have been taken over.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Lots of action this week on the earnings front--CTIG.ob, LINN.ob, AVSO.ob and BDR.

CTIG.ob--New valuation-$1.29, down from $1.42, but based on real results not "pro-forma" estimates. This is still a BUY at the current $.39 ASK.

LINN.ob--New valuation-$.49, down from $.57. Still a HOLD and a prayer at $.16.

AVSO.ob--New valuation-$3.25, down from $3.29. A BUY at today's price of $1.25.

BDR--New valuation-$4.01, down from $5.12. HOLD. Q1 is supposed to be a seasonally weak quarter, and at $1.55 it is not a sell.


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