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We focus on undervalued small-cap stocks. Usually with a large cash cushion. We have developed a valuation formula that has been highly successful, especially on small tech stocks. Since 2006, we have closed out 49 stock positions with an average gain of 37%. 9 stocks have been taken over.

Sunday, April 30, 2006


ONXS-- (Onyx) closed the week at $4.54 up 11% from our $4.10 buy price. No news on the CDC takeover offer status-or what their investment bankers are up to . Valuation remains at $7.12. HOLD

Linn.ob--jumped to $.48 ask from our $.36 (ask) buy price. Up 33%. They announce earnings this week on May 4th. Hang on--valuation is $.79. Volume last week was over 1 million shares compared to under 100,000 the week before. Looks like it is being discovered! HOLD
OPTO.ob--closed the week on the upswing at $1.43, up 14% from our $1.25 buy price. Valuation is $3.09. Been buying more at $1.35 or less. HOLD
AVSO.ob--closed at $2.39, up 101% from our $1.19 buy price. Valuation still over $3.00. Holding for north of $2.50. HOLD
IYXI.ob--closed at $2.43, up 27% from our $1.91 buy price and slowly climbing back from the earnings disappoinment a few weeks ago. HOLD
CTIG.ob--slipped back a bit to $.35 ask, still up 30% from our $.27 buy price. Valuation $1.10. HOLD


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